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Naughty Dog – needs a big job for the eyes

Our last 2 One of the most interesting games seen in a graphic view in recent years, especially with regard to the modeling of characters and animations, there is one more detail, which clarifies how much time has been invested Creating details As small The eyes of the characters.

New development details Short dog Posted in SIGGRAPH 2020 Last March, but has now come out for the release of various presentation slides. During the event, technical art director Velan Bring and technical artist Steven Tong explained some of the specific aspects of the development of The Lost of S2, especially the processing of the eyes and the eyes of the various characters.

In The Last of S2, extra work is required to create the characters’ eyes

Obviously, this is a test Longer than expected: As reported by two developers, initially only optimal results could be obtained in the presence of certain lighting conditions and scenes, which led to the development of the whole naughty dog Rendering process So the eye area can be particularly improved.

The idea was to be able to create something “with a longer lifespan” than the original models. After a period of research, new techniques such as type shadowing were introduced “Screen space shadow” In the correspondence of the eyelids and eyelids, to make the depth better.

As a by-product of this work on the eyes, the specific effect of reflecting the eye on various organisms in The Lost of S2, such as victims, has also been inserted. It all started with the study of some stuffed wolves on display, but the end result was so positive that it was extended to other creatures: in essence, the developers created new codes.iridescent effect Students who reflect light like nocturnal animals also used it for victims.

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The Lost of S2 has just celebrated its first anniversary in recent days, while the news awaits the next creation of the naughty dog, which may be the only multiplayer game.