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How to download it to travel quietly?

How to download it to travel quietly?

Holidays are approaching, you are fully vaccinated and you plan to go abroad. You will need a health pass to stay calm and especially to go in or out. We explain how to download it and keep it with you forever.

From June 25, the Digital Health Pass will be available for download in the form of a digital vaccine register to be issued to officials in 30 countries in the Schengen area. It is valid from July 1.

This EU Digital Govt Certificate will centralize information about your vaccine. It is available on the health insurance website and consists of four sheets, including the QR code that must be provided as proof of your vaccine (2 doses).

This is the official document for downloading and printing, which will allow you to travel around the EU without being subjected to an isolation or presenting a negative PCR test in some countries. However, it is good to consult about specific access conditions for each country to learn about the latest health results.

How to download your European Health Pass?

  • Go to’s website Medical insurance Or in the application to upload your vaccination certificate against Govt-19.
Amelie, Health Insurance

Amelie, Health Insurance

  • Identify yourself with your France Connect account or your Amelie identifiers. If you have done both your sizes correctly, you can print the document or download it in PDF format.
  • If you have a TousAntiCovid application, scan the displayed QR code. Your European Health Pass will then be added to your digital vaccine “Cornet”, along with your PCR or antigenic test results and your French Health Pass.
TousAntiCovid (AntiCovid / StopCovid)

TousAntiCovid (AntiCovid / StopCovid)

To know : If you have your second vaccine after July 1, you will be exempt from this treatment. The QR code provided to you will be readable by officials of all EU countries.

How to add your certificate to your Apple Wallet?

If you have an iPhone, it’s possible to make the app easier – and avoid slipping your personal information – by adding your European Health Pass to your wallet app.

  • Download your Health Pass in PDF to your phone.
  • Go to Safari (which is still unstable in Google Chrome or other).
  • Go to Next page.
  • Select and add a PDF file.
  • Choose the color of your Govtpass (yes, this is for fun only!).
  • Add everything to the wallet after accepting the terms
  • Your pass must be delivered as soon as necessary.

This is a program for practical use above all else and is not compatible with the integrated handling of certificate recovery on the Amelie site.

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