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Municipal elections, Clemente sentenced to death by magistrate

Municipal elections, Clemente sentenced to death by magistrate

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Naples – Probably then came out like this: without many filters. Without thinking too much about it. But that went unnoticed during a meeting between Mayor Luigi de Magistrates and municipal councilors of ‘Sinistra in the Commune’ yesterday. Far from it. To that extent, at a certain point, that sentence, they pointed it out to him. But he also confirmed it by realizing that it was in a much heavier and firmer version: this means that Alessandra Clemente is ready to download it in its entirety after introducing him as a candidate for mayor.

Say more, say less: “Dear people, we will stop the election as it is still 7 months between now and October between the elections. We will focus only on administration and politics: we will continue to govern the city in the best possible way. ”

“Suspend the election”, which marked the evening. Marked an hour and a half spent with the councilors of ‘Sinistra in the Commune’. And, for the most part, the whole situation has changed in view of the next municipal elections. It is not yet clear which side, obviously, the Orange World should stand on and which name to support as a candidate for mayor.

The truth is, Alessandra Clementes seems to have been mostly burned out by those who attended yesterday’s meeting.

Five months later, on October 12, when De Magisters pointed to the Council for Public Works, Tradition and Youth as the mayoral candidate, the mayor provoked the upside.

A new direction, in fact, was already understood by many with his latest public speech, with which he did not say no to the Roberto Figo hypothesis. After all, to the hypothesis of a compromise with the center-left that goes through the Democratic Party and the 5 star movement from Delucciani to Liu.

De Magistries wants to get out of loneliness. Because the mayor of Naples is the candidate for governor in Calabria. He cannot buy an isolated election campaign. Or, worse: someone who regrets the name as a mayor, actually by the center-left, if he wants to, already Today, There will be numbers to send him home.

So it is unlikely that former lawyer Alessandra Clemente will continue to be upside down.

After all, when he was introduced as the candidate for mayor of Naples on October 12, he did so with the words: “With Alessandra you can open a discussion with the city, at home, with our majority, with those who have traveled. With us and with the parties.”

That “rationality” ended with a stumbling block: De Magistries already knew it.