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The message is, "We'll have to wait a little longer" -’s Twitch Marathon with event, ilCortocircuito and IlGattosulTubo –

Today Traction This time Marathon Per! We trained hard to dedicate the whole afternoon to the presentation Sports of For Cry6. Be careful, because we do not accept the fact that you have not already seen the stolen version. As you know, stolen goods are not valuable. Then do you want to put an anonymous Russian commentator with Pierpolo Greco and Francesco Serino? Come on, don’t make fun.

Far Cry 6: The game unfolds today

The Program However it is much richer than you can imagine. It starts at 16:00 with a learning discussion involving Alessandra Borgonova and Luca Boro. Will be the subject of discussion The most famous enemies In the For Cry series, someone is forced to call the villain, and no one knows why.

It continues at 17:00 Low voltage Special for guests to be IlGattosulTubo, Valentina Ariet and Giuseppe Croce. Does this column finally make sense? Don’t tell Pianosani, of course, he might get hurt …

At 19:00 it was a turnFor Cry 6 Digital Presentation Event, Commented by the aforementioned Pierpolo Greco and Francesco Serino, both dressed (we note that it is very sensitive).

But now let’s ban conversation and junk Calendar With a brief summary of the whole project:

  • 16:00 – Four Cry villains with Alessandra and Luca
  • 17:00 – Special Short Round with IlGattosulTubo, Valentina Ariete and Giuseppe Grossi
  • 19:00 – Digital for Cry 6 event with Pierpolo and Francesco

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