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Mulasano pours waste through Fermi, fines polluter caught by cameras

Mulasano pours waste through Fermi, fines polluter caught by cameras

Mulasano pours waste through Fermi, fines polluter caught by cameras

In the photo provided by the local police, the 50-year-old leaves the garbage

Unload waste via Mulasano Fermi,

Pollution designed by cameras was fined

Agents allowed the 50-year-old Italian to abandon building waste in the industrial area

Trapped by cameras, an “ecofarbo” was monitored and fined. The fifty-year-old man, who lives in a municipality south of Milan, removed materials from a construction site by unloading them in the industrial area of ​​Mulasano. To deal with the growing phenomenon of waste being dumped on the roads or outside the environmental pitch, an episode was immediately announced by local entrepreneurs who sparked local police raids. After investigating the nature of the building materials found through Fermi, Mulasani Command agents have launched an investigation. Thanks to the expansion of the video surveillance system desired by the municipal administration led by Mayor Sylvia QTC, investigators support the presence of cameras. Also the “electronic eyes” were responsible for the person in charge and from the investigation and analysis of the images, coordinated by Commander Luigi Bessano to identify and identify the abandoned writer.

He is a 50-year-old Italian citizen living in the neighboring municipality of the metropolitan area of ​​Milan, who was summoned to the local police offices. At first he declared he was unrelated to the facts, but when confronted with evidence of images held by agents, he was unable to confirm what had happened. The perpetrator of the administrative violation was immediately charged under the provisions of Act No. 3 of April 2006, 152 “Environmental Regulations”, which carries a fine of 300 euros to 3,000 euros. The local police are tasked with overseeing compliance with municipal solid waste disposal regulations in various corporate activities, especially after the launch of the new collection system with the environmental bag approved on July 1st. This year. ‘Year. Objective: To eliminate improper waste and prevent abandonment behaviors.

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