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MSN Explorer: What is it?  Download for Windows 10

MSN Explorer: What is it? Download for Windows 10

Anno Tobak did strange things when it came to Microsoft browsers: Windows XP brought not only Internet Explorer, but other clients as well. How to browse the on-board tool MMC (MMicrosoft MEngagement COnsol). You can also call websites with a calculator (!). You can find a report and instructions in the article “Browsing with a Calculator: Windows is Crazy”. Even today, users who are aware of this possibility are swinging themselves on the virtual mmc.exe port. But the benefit is small; Above all, it should create excitement among technology enthusiasts. In this guide we create our nostalgia and introduce you to MSN Explorer. It is present in Windows XP, but not in its predecessor and successor systems. We could not find it on virtual machines with Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Windows XP is free with free downloads:

Windows-XP-Modus-XP-Image in XE-Format
Windows Virtual PC – runs in XP mode on Windows 7 Professional and above
VMLite – launches in XP mode on Windows 7 Home / Windows 8 (.1) / 10
Virtual Box – Allows you to virtualize Windows XP using the XP CD
WinRAR – Virtual Box does not import XP mode, it does after opening WinRAR (process is a bit complicated, instructions can be found here)

Best browsers in Firefox, Chrome, Edge and beyond

MSN Explorer: MSN-Webportal

MSN Explorer is based on Internet Explorer and is a browser. Incidentally, MSN is “(The) MMicroSFrequently Myetwork “and a software and Internet offer from Microsoft. MSN Messenger was once, followed by Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft discontinued it and then only enabled Skype; Note that their system integrated Windows Messengersudo apt-get install amsn“)
The main Google competitor so far is Ping. The service is based on MSN: web search was called MSN in the old days and after the renaming it was called direct search and since 2009 it was finally called Bing. There is still a website called Currently there is a sober black butterfly engraved on it. This is a characteristic of the MSN product family. The butterfly was colorful. With MSN Explorer, call MSN Explorer in the Windows XP Start menu entry and find the color icon in the program interface. In the latter, the presence of the insect is also animated.
Windows 10 brings the colorful butterfly with it: MSN is not in the form of Explorer, which is more than a decade old, but written in a DLL file (% SystemRoot% System32 shell32.dll or: C: Windows System32 shell32.dll). DLLs are one of many types of files that can hold codes; Icons are also included in the ICO and some EXE files. If you want to give a folder or shortcut under Windows to the nostalgic MSN face, assign the MSN character to the element in its properties. To do this, click “Another Icon” and enter the path to the DLL file (links required) or skip this step (for folders).
MSN Explorer: What's Behind It?  Information about the unknown browser

The MSN Explorer setup wizard can still be used today, but the client can no longer use it. Like the Outlook Express, the on-board program has a long history in Windows Vista.

MSN Explorer: MSN Internet Explorer

If interested parties are launching MSN Explorer under Windows XP, they are following a guide. This facility failed our test this year. Users can no longer figure out what software piece is really good. We asked Microsoft about this earlier this year. Here are the replies from the email sent to us in January 2021 (translated into German):

What is MSN Explorer? Is it a browser? If so, can you use it to access any website (or just access MSN content)?

Microsoft: “MSN Explorer is a Windows32 application that provides web browsing, email and other services through the customer’s navigation bar and dashboard. It provides the user with access to any website on the Internet in the built – in browser window. Available. “

Is the infrastructure closed?

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Discontinued software and replacement

MSN Explorer: The design is out of date

MSN Explorer blends well with the colorful Windows XP design language. With the latest Windows 8, Microsoft has moved away from the chocolate-colored display; The look of the operating system is very sober. With Windows Vista / 7/8 (.1) and Windows 10, MSN Explorer will be worse. In general, Internet Explorer (IE) is dead: the technical basis for MSN Explorer is very outdated. IE and its The Trident rendering engine is considered slow; While the IE browser does some things better than Firefox, the Microsoft Edge Chromium engine is more appropriate than the MSN Explorer engine these days.
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Microsoft would certainly not implement something like this; MSN Explorer has surpassed its prime and lives only in the memories of some of yesterday.

MSN Explorer: Windows-10-Download

Downloading MSN Explorer is superfluous under Windows XP. However, there is a download that is compatible with Windows 2000, ME, 95 and 98. Is for new settings An opportunity to download the MSN Membership Center: In testing, the installation wizard ran under Windows 10 21H2. The guide is unfortunately incomprehensible in places; Even after we finished it, we could not use MSN Explorer. A note if you want to browse the web with Microsoft technology: it is best to use Microsoft Edge Chromium, which can run at lightning speed. Microsoft’s Chromium Fork defeated Google Chrome, the previous king of speed, by many definitions.

Background Intelligent Broadcasting Service

In the Windows Services Manager you will see a list of applets running the operating system in the background. There you will also find descriptions of the services. Most of the time they are incomprehensible, which is explained in another article. When it comes to intelligence background transfer service, Microsoft’s explanation is fun.

From Windows Vista, the term MSN Explorer is used in the definition text for the transmission service – Windows Vista and above it is not on board. In the case of Windows XP Services Manager (services.msc), we did not find the following words:

“Converts files in the background using inactive network bandwidth. If this service is disabled, Windows Update or BITS-based applications MSN Explorer Program And other information will not be downloaded automatically. “

MSN Explorer: What's Behind It?  Information about the unknown browser

MSN Explorer is actually dead, but in text form it is still the legacy code in the operating system, so it has not been noticed to date. Today, the client cannot use it on XP VMs or through the exclusive download of Windows 10.

The text of this service is similar to Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 21 H2.

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