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Mr. Giacon. No one is dead, and Trejo is alone and without a list

Towards votes

Storm among center left citizens. The last act of a conflict will erupt today from months of inactivity. The leader of Salah Rosa’s group, who took over as mayor of Turin, is isolated even among his own people. Founder of Monviso: “Personal Ambitions”

A hidden dispute, which had been going on for months in the background of Turin’s civic structure, erupted during these hours. Francesco Treso Team leader in the red room of the Civic list Torino But all the executives associated with that logo have now taken another direction. Trezo is the candidate for mayor, but even the smallest phalanx of the elected representatives in the districts does not support him. With fracture Mario Giacon, Who first created him in 2016, stood in line as a candidate in that creation Fioro Pacino. Treso was the first and only electorate: from there a coalition was born between the ups and downs, which was interrupted in recent days, and the candidature was launched in a somewhat dangerous manner, in fact one ” Weather in KazakhFrom the name of his main and only sponsor so far, the subsonica guitarist who enjoyed him, while acknowledging his experience and talent, is not defined as “a Mr. Nobody”. Application letter from Trezo here

A plane ahead, according to those around him, in the recent days of the stigma attached to Kiacon, in a letter to everyone who received notice of his landing on the field from Treso: Ignore ”is a black and white accusation by Giacon, a mosaic built around the associations of Labrador Civico and Capitol Torino, born out of the process. Federico de Ciuli, Losing another part and emphasizing its decay. A broken promise, an idea “drowned out by personal ambitions” by some. Among the first scorers There was the door Moro Peruto, Now recovered Enrico Letta Newborn B.T. At the secretariat, the others left the house more quietly. At the dawn of these lengthy election negotiations, the roads between Treso and Kiagon began to recede: at first it was fun. Guido Cargo, Then announced support Moro Salisoni: “He does his own thing, he moves without involving others,” complained the group leader in Palazzo Lascaris, who had already begun maneuvers to approach Stefano Lo Russo. In the fall Treso went to the press along with de Giuli, insulting the mockery and saying that their civic list would get a double-digit result in the referendum. No civic list now. In fact, there is only one Giacon-led Monvizo list that saw the light of day during the 2014 election campaign. Sergio Ciamparino In his race for the region, he then moved on to city competition two years later.

“In politics, personal aspirations take the path of each and it is unbelievable to think differently,” Kiagon continued. j’accuse – To do this it is very unfortunate to notice which front part, the whole center-left (…) we are prepared to weaken. For my part, I can only observe what has happened (as soon as the bitterness subsides, I will continue to work in the field I am hiring, I will contribute to the selection of the best candidate for mayor who presents our civic list in support of the same (…) My congratulations to my colleague on the success of his future plans are not obvious. . Giacon’s full email is here

So, having already shown strength in recent days, when all ten district councilors elected under that banner (or later incorporated) have distanced themselves from Treso’s forward flight in order to reaffirm their support for Lo Russo, Kiagon is systematically resuming civic training. The group leader at Palazzo Civic later resumed, with the support of the North Civic Alliance, a kind of civic listing led by Fininvest and the former manager of MediaSet. Franco de Alfonso, City Councilor in Milan with a past as leader of the Socialist Party. Now in reality he is not in the same shape he represents in the red room.