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The Mars helicopter is ready for its first flight

The Mars helicopter is ready for its first flight

For the first time, a helicopter will fly over Mars on Monday. The rotor test was successful. Now eagerly waiting to see if it can take off even in thin air.

In Tuesday-Helicopter “ingenuity” is according to the American Space Agency NASA Ready for its first flight over the red planet. NASA said on Friday that the first rotor test was successful. “The helicopter is fine, it is healthy,” said operations manager Tim Cunham.

The first controlled helicopter flight on the alien planet is now scheduled for Sunday evening (Monday 04.54 CEST). The “ingenuity” is to rise vertically and orbit at a height of three meters from Mars for ten minutes.

From there he had to photograph it Mars-Rover Shoot the “perseverance” of the helicopter landing on the Red Planet. Then he had to land again.

The challenge is the thin atmosphere

Flight testing is considered very difficult. Mars’ atmosphere is only one percent of Earth’s air density. This will make the helicopter boarding much more difficult. Significantly lower gravitational pull on Mars will help.

In total, NASA is planning five helicopter flights at different stages over a period of one month. Million 85 million (72 million euros) went into aircraft development. Planes like “Ingenuity” could revolutionize space exploration because they could be used to explore larger areas, and because of their surface texture, hard-moving zones of alien celestial bodies.