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Lost 1 181 and 3 273 million from the epic games

Lost 1 181 and 3 273 million from the epic games

Some court documents re-shared from the Dark Side of Gaming portal have been released Some interesting background related to the epic sports shop, The digital marketplace managed by epic games by famous writers Fortnight And the most popular Unreal Engine owners.

According to legal documents, the digital game appears to be a sales platform Epic games are not yet profitable, Tim Sweeney has historically been a key reference for PC gamers, despite great efforts to undermine steam. So we found that epic It lost nearly 1 181 million and 3 273 million In 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Since its launch in December 2018, Epic Store has been giving away prizes and PC with a platform that has been able to collect, despite its strong points. 160 million registered users and 56 million active players. However, Marquez is coming Currently running at a loss, And exclusive intimacy with publishers and developers did not guarantee sufficient revenue to favor the annual budget. However, according to predictions by Tim Sweeney and associates, things will change from next year: In 2023, Epic hopes that its store will finally become profitable, To gather more users, so more profit.

Meanwhile, the site continues to offer gifts to its customers New series of new video games to recover in the epic storeSeason two of 10 (now available for download) includes Deponia The Complete Journey, Ken Foltin ‘The Pillars of Earth, and First Tree (Available April 15).