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Mozilla releases Firefox 78.6.1 ESR with bug fixes -

Mozilla launches Firefox 88 for desktop with new features –

The Mozilla Foundation announced today that the standard version 88 of the Firefox browser for Windows, MacOS and Linux will be available immediately. In the new version, Firefox will no longer ask you to access your microphone or camera if you already have access to the same device on the same website in the same tab within the last 50 seconds. FTP support has been disabled and its complete removal is scheduled for an upcoming release. Resolving this vulnerability while removing support for encrypted protocol will reduce the chance of an attack. There are further improvements, bug fixes and security improvements, which can be found below. This update also covers 13 vulnerabilities in older versions of Firefox. Details about the security holes covered with Firefox 88 can be found here Here. Users who have installed an older version of Firefox will receive the update automatically. You can download the update from here Help -> via Firefox -> Update to version 88.0 Can be loaded manually. More information about this update can be found below or from Mozilla.

Download -> Download Firefox 88.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Firefox version 88.0 for desktop is now available for download from Mozilla:

Download Firefox version 88.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux:

Version 88.0 of Firefox includes the following new features and improvements:


  • PDF Forms now support JavaScript embedded in PDF files. Some PDF forms use JavaScript for verification and other interactive features.
  • Print Updates: Margin units are now translated.
  • Smooth pinch-zooming using the touchpad is now supported on Linux
  • To protect against cross-site privacy leaks, Firefox now isolates data from the generated website.
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  • Screen readers will no longer misread the content that websites have hidden from view, just like the articles in the Google Help Group.
  • Various Security fixes.


  • If you already have access to the same device on the same site on the same site within the last 50 seconds, Firefox will not ask you to access your microphone or camera. This new offer period reduces the number of times the device is asked to grant access.
  • Removed the ‘Take a screenshot’ feature from the page actions menu in the URL bar. To take a screenshot, right-click to open the context menu. You can also add a screenshot shortcut directly to your toolbar via the Customize menu. Open the Firefox menu and customize
  • FTP support has been disabled and its full removal is scheduled for an upcoming release. Addressing this security risk reduces the likelihood of an attack, while also eliminating support for the non-encrypted protocol.


Frequently Asked Questions after updating Firefox

Mozilla Foundation developers make Firefox for Windows, MacOS and Linux available in multiple languages. Note that installing Firefox will overwrite your existing version of Firefox. Your bookmarks or diary will not be lost. However, some extensions and other add-ons will no longer work until appropriate updates or updates are available.

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