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Google Wallet is reborn (again) as the real Apple Wallet

Google Wallet is reborn (again) as the real Apple Wallet

Google Pay is changing its name back to Google Wallet, and now Apple is getting closer to offering.

It was incorporated four years later Google Pay (Back then it was Android Bay), Google Wallet has come back to the point where it replaces Google Pay in most countries (but not all, it will be much simpler for Google). Google Pay – So If You Follow It Right It Will Become A Google Wallet – So Now Offering New Features – Announced Google I / O – Approach the issuance of Apple cards (called Apple Wallet in English to simplify things). Descriptions.

Google Pay (re) became Google Wallet

Like Apple cards, Google Wallet aims to store all the important documents that our person can carry, as well as certain components such as digital keys. In addition to bank cards, loyalty cards, and public transportation tickets, Google Wallet integrates many components, such as airline tickets, amusement park entry tickets, and Covit-19 vaccination certificates.

Google wants to add hotel room keys, enterprise badges, but also other elements such as identity documents and driving licenses in some countries. To this last point, Google refers to the United States and “International Partners“, But we do not have accurate information about France.

Better integration into the Google ecosystem

Beyond the redesign of the app and the new components stored there, Google Wallet will integrate better into the Google ecosystem. For example, it gets the pride of the place Google Maps For those looking for a way through public transport. Thanks to this, you can buy tickets directly from the application to save in your wallet.

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Google Wallet is reborn (again) as the real Apple Wallet

Hopefully in the future Google will provide more links between Google Wallet and its other services. To make it more optimal in France, it is necessary to form partnerships with local banks to allow more people to use it without changing banking institutions. This is not a success …

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