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mother et earthbound sur switch

Mother Earth comes with the Nintendo Switch online

We were all expecting something in this situation Shikesato IdoiThe father of the series, retweeted this announcement Nintendo Direct Planned this evening with the mysterious note: “7am is wonderful. It may snow“. So without much surprise, but with great pleasure, we welcomed the arrival Nintendo Switch Online Of Mom (Earthbound: Also known as the beginning) And Subject to the earthAvailable immediately.

Yes Mom Slightly older, Subject to the earth An essential thanks to its elegant, surprising and touching writing, which still strikes the mark today. If his attendance at the service Nintendo Switch Online Let some and some find it Nintendo I will not just upload. With a story that transcends the shackles of conventional imagination and shifts to the American suburbs, Subject to the earth Led For many modern J-RPGs By making yourself face everyday monsters, not imaginary monsters.

However, the news has been bittersweet for fans, many of whom have been anticipating the announcement of the Western Port. Thai3 (There are fantrads, but this game has not been officially released in Japan), An important topic was published Kamboi in advance. Perhaps, however, this release of the first two chapters will finally lead to the recognition of the third mission in our regions? Wait and see.

The first two mom trailers

How do you feel about this?

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