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More than 3 billion passwords have been leaked

More than 3 billion passwords have been leaked

A major attack has led to the leak of 3.2 billion accounts and passwords owned by Gmail and Hotmail sites. However, a tool allows you to know if you are worried.

Credit: Cone Carambola / Unsplash.

This is a blow to Google. Nearby 3.2 billion Gmail and Hotmail accounts and passwords Exposed in the dark. Questioned? To the extent that many already fear the pirates of the century, there is a huge cyberdock ப்படும் apparently known as the fruiting camp. Comp not only Gmail in particular, but also Netflix, LinkedIn or Hotmail. In total, more than 15.2 billion accounts have been revealed, according to the CyberNews site. As you can imagine, the situation is particularly important. In addition to the vast number of accounts affected by this attack, our email address is often the gateway to all our online accounts.

How do I know I am affected?

To find out if your Gmail account is the unfortunate one exposed in the dark web, CyberNews created one Dedicated site – In English, you can tell if your Gmail or Hotmail mail has been compromised. All you have to do is enter your address. Be careful to check all your accounts!

Cybernews credit

If you are one of the victims, do not delay. We advise you to act as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises, Changes your password instantly, By choosing a sufficiently secure key, is unique above all else. You can find it all here Our advice in case of online data theft. When in doubt, this attack deserves at least a reminder of how much we depend on our email addresses. So it is better to change all your passwords even if they are not officially hacked. Tito for your Center and Netflix accounts. On a daily basis, it is also a good idea to choose a two-factor authentication system and a password manager. Many are charged, but some are free, such as KeyPass, which is also included in the list of free software intermediate sites recommended by the state.

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