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More than 3 billion Gmail and Hotmail passwords leaked online

More than 3 billion Gmail and Hotmail passwords leaked online

“Mother of all leaks”, laments the technical information site P.G.R. A major theft known as the “comb” was leaked online Database of 3.2 billion stolen passwords. Some fear it is already “the largest collection of stolen login data shared online.”

In fact, last week, for sites like this billions of sign-in credentials Netflix, Center, Gmail or Hotmail Leaked on hacking forums. No “comb” A hacking “Unpublished” but a collection of past violations aired on the web.

As the Belgian newspaper explains Sudinfo.beOverall, hackers have accumulated 15.2 billion accounts were hacked and more than 2.5 billion personal emails, According to reports Cyber ​​News.

Among the stolen data, we find its identifiers In 2021, 117 million center accounts were leaked And access to the Netflix site. “At least part of your data is definitely taken into account in this shortcoming”, estimates P.G.R..

The newspaper, which specializes in technology, is online Search engine Find out if your account is involved in any leaks on the Internet.

What are the risks?

If your information is collected, hackers can access and use your email and password combinations To hack your other accounts.

In the event a Your data, Site Cyber ​​News Will tell you “no data breach is liable”.

It is recommended that you change your passwords quickly Access to two factors Ensure their security in email accounts.

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