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More than 10 million players on PC -

More than 10 million players on PC –

Microsoft has released it PC version Of Hollow: Master Head Collection I passed 10 million soldiersIncluding Steam, Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass versions. In short, although it was released a few years later than the Xbox One, until the fourth episode (included) the all-hollow set proved to be the most popular on the system.

Data from the Hollow: Master Leadership Collection in PC In an interview with Games, Shannon Loftis of Edge Studios World presented.

Loftis first spoke about how Microsoft is dedicated to expanding the development of games on the computer, and then explains on stage the renewed interest of the Redmond House on the trend of the Hollow collection: “For example, we published the Hollow: The Master Chief Collection Steam In 2019, we have more than ten million players who have played since its inception.

According to Loftis, Hollow: The Master Chief Collection PC players have never tried a Hollow series title before: “Many of these are new to the owner. So we discovered a whole bunch of new Hollow fans that we would never have reached if we hadn’t released the game on Steam, Windows and GamePass.

Its main feature is that Microsoft has found the perfect home for its games and studios on the computer, capable of greatly expanding its user base. Do you understand why you can’t do without it?