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How to delete your Instagram account?

How to delete your Instagram account?

There are days like this when you decide to leave a social network. In the case of Instagram, there are two solutions to deleting your account. One is temporary and the other is permanent. Here are the steps to follow.

Suspend your Instagram account

In this first step, users may decide to “suspend” their Instagram account from accessing it. The associated data, photos and videos will be stored in the cloud, so the account will be temporarily deleted and can be fully restored if you decide to reactivate your account.

Before proceeding to this step, be aware that deletion options are not available within the mobile application. So you need to access your account from your computer or web browser.

Go to the location dedicated to your profile, then select the “Settings” tab and click “Suspend my account temporarily”. It will be inaccessible and invisible to the general public, but also to your friends. All your posts will no longer appear.

If you want to go back, this path is possible at any time by reconnecting with your credentials on Instagram via the browser. All you have to do is follow the same path in the settings and reactivate the account.

Delete your Instagram account permanently

Before following this step without retrieving, be sure to go to “Settings” (even on a mobile app), then “Security” and finally “Download Data” to make a backup of your photos. The interface will ask for an email address in which you will receive a download link.

Then, if you want to go further and delete your account permanently, you need to go through a web browser and the Instagram mobile app. A page dedicated to deleting an account is available This address All you have to do is provide your credentials to link to it.

This action is irreversible and Instagram will ask you about the reasons that prompted you to leave the network. After completing this step, the network will prompt you for your password. Finally, a red button indicating “Delete my account permanently” is highlighted. You need to click on it again.

If you choose this option, your photos or videos will no longer be found. The new life will require a new account.

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