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Batteria scarica: l

Udinese need to recharge to save the season.

The third defeat in a row on Saturday night against Turin is certainly very painful because a loss against Lazio and Atlanta, especially with a positive performance against Lazio, could leave the field to be defeated. Proud to have exhibited a good performance against fourth place from the bottom of the class. As happened in the first round, history repeats itself in Juventus, after a series of positive results that led to a quiet ranking situation, giving the team the feeling of fully pulling the plug and playing, without that hunger and until a month ago, that match was so bad that Pianconeri could still move away from the red zone Had to get heavy points.
As they say, two clues make this a test, and now the Udinese mentality problem is clear, it is better to say in words that they are all on the team track, improving goals and constantly getting points. But we see a completely different approach than there was a month ago, an attitude that is completely contrary to one ambition and even the words of the company and President Bozo, who openly asked for tenth place a few weeks ago. Motivation for the players, a message not explicitly received by Coty and his boys. Coty, meanwhile, has received much praise ahead of time (I’m here first): starting with the assumption that the technician’s qualities and work done are not in question, he too is now being asked for a shock. , A position that is perfectly suited to the qualities of the human product available to the practitioner. Also, this “motivation signal” may come from a tactical point of view, trying to propose a new one, or continuing to deploy two prototypes and not constantly removing poor Pereira from his favorite position, because we will face it, because the lineup that started on Saturday evening was a bit of a shock to everyone. Everyone would have expected a forester or prof with Lorende in the home attack against, which, as is often predictable, closed in defense.
Clearly, except for the technician, the mistakes of this performance fall in such a short period of time go to the players, the words of Captain Rodrigo de Paul (again the best on the field) did not please anyone because Saturday night’s performance should not be saved from any perspective, it seems that there is another team on the field at the beginning of 2021, not at the beginning of 2021 But its awards and the good results it has gotten before and the good results it has gotten now play through the handbrake, promising results in words, and then really responding in a very disappointing way. The restructuring of the company is not long in coming: Retreat from Tuesday to prepare for the match against Croton is not a salvation challenge, let it be clear, there are a number of 11 points in Cagliari, but the most important game to understand if Udinese has to finish this championship correctly, or if he wants to throw everything , He had satisfied himself with what he had done before, but beware, a bad person who resisted to the last in positions would not tolerate the environment at first, but not even by the company and Gianpolo Pozo, because he was the old fox, he had already realized this bad “bad habit” last week with some members of the group It was only after the interview that he saved the team from a previous setback to Turin. Now, on the other hand, retirement has come right, a signal that coaches and players need to use to reconnect, re-score and grind the game, as Utinese has settled in many times in recent years to retire very quickly, but with undeniable quality this year, this championship final will be a resounding success. The pattern cannot be drawn normally.

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