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Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island – Upcoming RPG lets you turn into an alchemist – ntower

Studio Supersoft developers have created Tech Building RPG Moonstone Island Announced that Nintendo Switch And appear to PC via Steam. However, the exact release date is not yet known. Moonstone Island offers an open world with more than 120 practically created islands where you can complete your alchemical training.

It is customary to train as an alchemist in your village. That’s why you moved so far away from home to one of the countless islands in the sky to train for a year. You are initially armed only with simple tools, alchemical recipes and the ability to suppress natural spirits. After all, they can support you in the fight against dark forces and other evil monsters. However, you are not limited to one island, but you can travel between them using glider, balloon or broom. In addition to your training, you can grow a variety of crops, equip your home with furniture and infuse powerful medicines. Stop in the village because you can fall in love there so you no longer have to deal with your daily life alone.

Has Moonstone Island piqued your interest and you have an eye on the game?

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