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A new Nintendo live May 2020 with a boom

A new Nintendo live May 2020 with a boom

Based on the phrase used in the last Direct Mini, Nintendo may have big plans to finish the year on a high note for a final Direct.

As usual, Nintendo released several Nintendo Direct Minis throughout 2020, each of which met with different fan reactions. Some were seriously big announcements for the Japanese company Animal trafficking: New frontiers, And towards a few Pokemon Owner, several directors were partner showcases. This means it focuses on first-party non-party topics, including the most recent live mini.

Interestingly, it calls itself the “Last Live Mini Partner Showcase” of the Year, the specific language to use. This indicates that Nintendo is planning another live streamstream conference, but this is not a mini or partner-based showcase. This allows Nintendo to have a live time in December for the past two years, and as the content differs directly from the concept of the event each December, it stands out as the reason for a bang for the year. If so, what could Nintendo have planned for the final Nintendo Direct this year? 2021 points to two major events that could be teased with the year-end announcement.

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Another Pokemon live

Pokemon Sword Armor Diamond Pearl Legends

Is there a limit to how many? Pokemon Can movements occur in a year? Not only did it start with 2020 Pokemon Direct, but two more Pokemon Then there were the prizes in the summer to show off the upcoming scenes Pokemon Cafe Mix And New Pokemon Snap. But 2021 will be a big year for owners in a few ways.

Aside from the many rumors and alleged leaks Diamond And Pearl The remakes for next year’s Nintendo Switch are coming, 2021 being the duo’s 15th anniversary. Because Pokemon They follow the sequence of major series games in the order in which they are released, Diamond And Pearl Falling into the next row, wouldn’t it be the perfect gift for Pokஃmon on its 15th anniversary?

Most importantly, 2021 is Pokemon25th Anniversary. Since the 25th anniversary is the year of the silver award ceremony, it has led many fans to believe Gold And Friday Will watch remakes, may be in new format Let’s go Games. According to Nintendo Directs, the Japanese publisher plans to finish the year at the upcoming conference, while also making big announcements that fans have been longing for for months.

Legend of Zelda’s 35th Anniversary

botw2 trailer image

Speaking of annual festivals, The legend of Zelda It will be 35 years old in 2021. It follows immediately Super MarioThis year marks the 35th anniversary, which has received several releases in conjunction with the celebration. While Nintendo has big plans, the most likely game from the franchise to be released in 2021 is a Wild breath Continuity, and the end of the year would be the perfect opportunity to announce such plans. At the very least, no one will argue if you finally watch that game much, especially after playing it Age of disaster. In any case, this is not scheduled for a specific release from Nintendo Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro

Also, a Nintendo Switch Pro 2021 release is widely rumored, and a direct direct time in December will be when the next gen hype starts to settle. Nintendo has not said a word about the console itself, but it is said that it will be released with a line of new games, maybe even the year-end releases mentioned above.

This will keep Nintendo in the right position to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X sales, and focus consumers on the widely successful console by responding with an improved version. Some have predicted that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be released on March 3, 2021, the anniversary of the switch. Looking at Nintendo’s live schedules for the past year, many final conferences are coming down in November, although it’s not uncommon for the last direct to occur earlier than that. This is exactly what happened in 2019, when the last showcase took place in early September, but overall, it was generally a short year for announcements.

Although it was not designed to be the “last Nintendo Direct” and specifically referred to as the last “Direct Mini Partner Showcase”, it is possible that nothing else was planned for Nintendo 2020. However, for Nintendo’s big owners considering 2021, fans can expect the Japanese developer to make big announcements in the coming months.

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Final Imagination 14 Writing Art

Final Fantasy 14 has its own SSD.

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