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Zelda-like Ocean's Heart announced for Nintendo Switch

Zelda-like Ocean’s Heart announced for Nintendo Switch

Vilnius, Lithuania – January 13, 2021 – Join Delia Swashbuckler in her quest to defeat the evil pirate Blackbeard. Ocean Heart, the marine adventure RPG, will launch on the Nintendo Switch for $ 14.99 / 14.99 / 13.49. From Yarntown creator Max Mraz and publisher Nordcurrent, Ocean’s Heart pays homage to this genre’s classics, reviving time – tested RPG ideas with a modern twist.

Oceans Heart is a beautiful pixel-art action RPG set in a bouncy world full of secrets, magic and dangerous affairs. You play Delia, the young girl of the father who was abducted by the ruthless pirate Blackbeard, and in order to rescue him, you have to make a dangerous journey through a huge and dangerous jungle, unraveling the web of pirate plots along the way. Collect items on your journey to create potions, improve your skills in combat bosses and escape from deadly dungeons, and upgrade your growing arsenal of weapons.

Ocean Heart wears its impact on its sleeve, so I’m glad to see the game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Oceans Heart is a love letter to Zelda’s legend, but it also has its own uniqueness. It’s about exploring, and the satisfaction of discovering a mystery and trying to figure out what it means.“Ocean’s Heart developer Max Moras said.” So, it draws you from the path of attack by providing many hidden areas that represent stories and hide new monsters and treasures. After building my vision of Oceans Heart from the beginning, I was pleased to see my game on the site of its greatest inspiration. ⁇

Bringing the Oceans Heart to the Nintendo Switch and working with Max again is exciting. The console is very suitable for this type of game and players can see it quickly.“Said Andrius Mackevičius, chairman of the publishing committee at Nordcurrent.” We like to draw inspiration from the classic RPGs of the 80s and 90s, and we think Oceansheart delivers its nostalgic promise of an expanded mesmerizing story with hours of thrilling top-down roll-flaming action and brilliant humor. Pixel art aesthetics. ⁇

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