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GeForce Game Ready Driver Available for Nvidia: F1 22

GeForce Game Ready Driver Available for Nvidia: F1 22

F1 22 will be released today, at least if you pre-ordered the version Champions Provides access three days in advance. Nvidia Introducing its latest driver, allowing you to use the racing game moreEA Games And Codemasters On the computer.

Thanks for this DriverPlayers can Benefits from radiation-tracking effects DLSSThis doubles the performance Without changing the graphic quality. Nvidia denotes with a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, F1 22 Runs over 60 fps in 4K at maximum settings. In addition, the driver supports LoopmancerWill be launched next month DLSS And thoughts Radiation trackingImproving Rise of the monster hunter And Monster Hunter Rise: SunbrakeAnd supports GTX-1630 As well as parameters GeForce experience is optimal playable For five new games (Hydronier, Leap, Poppy game time, Propnate And Rotation: Frontier)

New pilot GeForce Game Ready Can be downloaded from Website of Nvidia Or directly through application GeForce experience On your computer. You can find graphics cards GeForce RTX On Amazon.

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