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All the majesty of nature

All the majesty of nature

At the center of the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park, between Tarn and Hérault, the mountains and lakes in Haut Languedoc offer a spectacular natural break.

Open your eyes wide

Between Atlantic and Mediterranean impacts, you will be amazed. Many peaks, such as Montalet, Caroux or Vesoles, offer breathtaking views of oscillations 600 to 1260 meters above sea level. Your senses will be refreshed. Suitable for a good hike.

Lakes: Essential for a refreshing vacation

With family or friends, Four Lakes will provide you with many activities for a successful vacation. Visit the leisure sites of Raviège Lakes in La Salvetat and Lake Laouzas in Nagas and take advantage of the many water and sports activities offered there. Freshwater sailors prefer paddle boarding, canoeing or pedal boats, but also sailing or electric boats. Most athletes will try their hand at the acrobranch or bike park. Little ones will enjoy inflatable playgrounds or pony rides.

Nature, hiking and backpacking

Nature here is full of diversity and protected treasures. Thanks to specialized service providers, you can participate in 100% natural activities. At dusk you will discover the shores of the lakes, where you will visit the mouflon in the Carox Massif or meet the nocturnal wildlife in the woods. You will cook a harvest of edible wild plants. From Lacaune to La Salvetat-sur-Agout, from Caroux-Espinouse to the Gijou Valley, more than 30 qualified trails take you 1 hour to 8.5 hours, taking you through the woods, through the lakes or to the peaks of the Torn fields. And from the Herald. Mountain bikers can not leave without the two mountain bike-FFC areas “Hautes Terres d’Oc” and “Salvetat-Haut Languedoc” and over 1300 km of marked trails! Hiking sheets and GPX Mountain Bike tracks can be downloaded for free from the Tourist Office website.

Take your time

This is a great place to visit and recharge for the holidays. The whole set of “gentle” activities can be practiced alone, in pairs or with family. Walk on the greenway of the Petit train between Lacaune and Viane, ride a bike or horse, ride an electric bike, smooth navigation on the lakes … there is something for all tastes, all ages and all levels. Sports or not. Taking the time means taking a leisurely stroll through the farmer’s markets, discovering the heritage of the villages, or relaxing for a minute at the resort’s wellness and spa centers. : After a day of hiking or cultural discovery, spend some time in the Jacuzzi at the Lockazen Hot Springs Health Center or enjoy the moment facing Lake Louzas thanks to the private spa at the leisure site.


Fabre Dairy. You can visit the old railway tunnel that was converted into a cheese ripe cellar. Delicious and very original. Mandatory registration at 0 563 370498.

Once upon a time there was wool. Visit the Lockdown Sheep Farm for a taste. Then from 1841 the invention of spinning and looms. 0 563 370498.


Murat-sur-Webre There is a collection of statue-menhirs carved during the Neolithic. Also, for those who want to know more, there is a concept round to find some more statues sitting on the throne.

Municipality There is also a museum of threshing and old tractors.

In Rieu-Montagné A space takes us into the rural world of the 19th century (05 63 37 12 29).

In Nagas, The two towers of the fort (15th century) host exhibitions of artists and children’s costumes.

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