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Speaking of: What are you playing this weekend?  (November 21)

Speaking of: What are you playing this weekend? (November 21)

With new updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as well as the revelation that you can feed squirrels in Zelda: Wild Breath – we know, OK! – This is another busy week in the Nintendo world.

Now that the weekend is finally upon us, it is time to discuss our weekend sports plans. Nintendo Life members have done just that, and we’d love for you to join us via our feedback section below. Enjoy!

Gavin Lane, Features Editor

After spending several hours with Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster For the past week or two, I have been looking for a tactile silence to soothe my raw hack and severed finger joints. It’s been a while since I last had my venture Animal trafficking Island, so the new winter update is a good excuse for me to go back inside and see how things are going.

Otherwise, I still got it Horace, Control And A short hike Calling me from my home menu screen, not to mention finding Corax and Specter of GOTY 2020. Lots to do, then!

P.J. O’Reilly, Critic

Hello. This weekend I will be busy digging up some classic real-time tactical moves Commandos 2 HD I get my big Daft Keenu Reeves John Wick Hex, Both of which will be released in early December, so check out those reviews soon. Elsewhere, I’m jumping right into the mix Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster, I am very excited from its announcement of a game. Musou games can be a love / hate thing in general, but I’m 100% on the love side of the fence with this genre, and after spending my time in the original 2014 Hirol Warriors, With which I can see some late nights. Be safe right there on a good weekend you play!

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