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Monster Hunter Rice, Provodo PC

Monster Hunter Rice, Provodo PC

Monster Hunter Rice is also coming to PC: we tried its demo in the glory of 60 frames per second.

Monster Hunter Rise Sold a lot on the switch. Also, for the sake of paradise, if you consider the success of the Saga, its connection with the Nintendo consoles, and the eruption of notoriety that has occurred in the West in recent years, it is practically obvious, mainly Monster Hunter World and its Thanksgiving Ice Expansion. Although the work of Ichinos and the company is a technical half-miracle on Nintendo’s hybrid console, its uniqueness has limited its potential spread, waiting for some sort of change to stamp out the vast majority of fans of its predecessors.

That port is coming now: this is the PC version of the game, with a lot of expansion already planned. Capcom It has been working well on the platform for some time, so we expect better confirmations Direct evidence of the rise of Monster Hunter on the computer. Well, you will be glad to know that those confirmations have arrived, however there is still a lot to test.

Game: Unlimited power

Monster Hunter Rise: Wallstrokes do not need to be welcomed with open arms

Let’s get straight to the facts: whether it’s on the computer or not, Monster Hunter Rice is even better SportsIf not the best in Monster Hunter Saga. The movement provided for hunters with thread bugs is a great addition to the system, and the silkweed moves offer customization options in the middle of a campaign that closely resembles the style of generations.

Approaching such a feast of mechanics on the computer, however, turns food into a very tasty and simple, but basic spice: Frame rate opened (There are various selectable options ranging from 30 fps to unlimited). Immediate response from computer commands is a gift from God, one of the fastest and slowest combat systems in the series, and we assure you that the experience improves more than we thought.

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Monster Hunter Rise: In Set
Monster Hunter Rise: Theostra’s “Royal” Collection

The Demo Unfortunately, we tested it to be classic: a battle of your choice against Mizutsune, Great Izuchi or Magnamalo (the latter can always happily remove you with a single blow) on the first map of the game, but it still ended thanks to us a rare hike in advanced technology. Furthermore, the work does not seem to be limited to the general fluid, but touches on various aspects of the graphics, apparently maintaining the same impressive optimization attached to the RE engine (which is now proven to be one of the most flexible and scalable graphics in the world. Machines. Rotation).

Technology: A machine for real hunters

Monster Hunter Rice: Low Strambo Samilios
Monster Hunter Rice: Low Strambo Samilios

If starting fromOptimization In the PC version, the message is already better. For the sake of paradise, we tested a demo on a high-end configuration – an i7 3.80 Ghz with a GeForce 3070 – but at most every system, we never had the slightest technical problem. On the other hand The Game Machine The perfect modification of the platform has already been proven and now its validity cannot be doubted.

Although Graphic customization options They are not bad and at the same time do not penetrate into excessively dark areas. In addition to opening the frame rate, there are options to enable it High resolution system – This significantly improves the visual impact of the game – Set the quality of the texture filter, remove blur at a distance and reduce the workload resulting from “hidden” three-dimensional models when a certain distance is exceeded. The result is a very detailed and clean overall look, with practically perfect visibility but no change in the view of the polygonal details.

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The only problem? For a moment in the game it didn’t seem like it was expected Cross game With switch users or with any options Cross-storage. We expected this because in the past it was the same on Capcom, but for those who introduced the game on the Nintendo console, it may be difficult to retrieve all the content to play Sunbreak at a higher frame rate, not to mention – while noticing significant differences as a result of the improved frame rate – the exact calculated cross-game option will not suit our opinion. . Let’s see if Capcom decides to do something in this area for the release date. Hope dies last.

Monster Hunter Rise + MSI

Capcom has partnered with MSI to test the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise on the MSI Optics MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor. The questionable monitor loads the IPS panel with 2560 x 1440 resolution and 165 Hz upgrade, which focuses on the best combination of response and image quality, thanks to the very low response times. Furthermore, the low latency eliminates the risk of artifacts and further enhances the purity of the image with better color, better panel consistency and a better contrast when talking about IPS technology. Supported by Nivida G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium, it allows perfect image synchronization with GeForce GPUs and Radeon GPUs. Finally, do not underestimate the three USB ports, one of which is the complete ergonomics that includes the Type-C and the vertical orientation of the screen. For more information about this monitor, we refer to our review of the MSI Optics MAG274QRF-QD Display.

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As expected, the PC version of the Monster Hunter Rice, with a good number of significant improvements related to the technology sector, was better optimized and much cleaner to look at, and gave the full pleasure of the possibility of opening the frame rate. We expect big things from this port, who knows whether Capcom will decide to implement recovery data recovery somehow or at least cross-game option. will be good.


  • Playing even better, thanks to the open frame rate
  • The system is very optimized and graphically very clean


  • Cross-game and cross-storage are obviously not