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No more Roy and MediaSet channels

No more Roy and MediaSet channels

Significant changes in view with the transition to the new digital landscape, many Roy and Mediaset channels will disappear from next 20 October.

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New technologies allow many functions to be performed quickly and easily. Smartphones and PCs are a clear example of this, allowing people in every corner of the planet to interact at any time. But not only that, it also plays an important role TV. This device, in fact, allows you access Information Different types like current affairs or sports news.

Now it is in almost every home and, moreover, we will soon face an important change or a definite change The new digital landscape. The latter will work with the DVB-D2 system, which will have to handle different frequencies. In particular, there are many channels Roy e MediaSet It will disappear from next October 20th. But what is it about? Let’s go into the details and see what there is to know about it.

The new digital landscape where Roy and Mediaset channels will disappear on October 20: What you need to know

Already The gradual transition to the new digital landscape began. A real revolution, with the deadline to stop the last MUX of the old system set for next 30 June 2022. In the meantime, starting next October 20, Many digital landscape channels will be converted to HD, for this reason they are not known to those who own the old TV set.

We go into details from October 20th Nine Roy themed channels and six MediaSet channels They are only offered in high definition and you need to have a compatible TV or decoder to get them. Related channels are Roy 4, Roy 5, Roy Movie, Roy Yoyo, Roy Sport + HD, Roy Story, Roy Culp, Roy Premium and Roy School. As for MediaSet, there are TgCom24, Mediaset Italia 2, Boing Plus, Radio 105, R101 TV and Virgin Radio TV. Therefore, the first important step in a process that leads to a definite passage The new digital landscape, With all old channels closed.

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To know if you are ready for this innovation, we advise you Channels 100 and 200, play to Roy and MediaSet test channels. At this point, if the message “Test HEVC Main 10” appears, it means that the TV can receive the new signal and you need to restart the channels. On the other hand, if the screen appears black, it means that your TV may not be running to the new standard. In this case it is necessary to change it or at least match the temporary decoder.