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Monitoring application is mandatory for Govt 19

Monitoring application is mandatory for Govt 19

The Thai Embassy in France recently added a new mandatory step: downloading the Thailand Plus app.

Thailand has introduced a new system since January 18 after the entry certificate (COE) was issued during this period of Govt-19. As a reminder, the COE is a mandatory document that must be requested by the embassy by submitting your 15-night isolated hotel booking. Certificate of Entry is required, whether it is a visa-free or visa-free trip, for more than 45 days or less.

In addition, when issuing the COE, a 6-digit Thailand Plus number will be sent. In fact according to the last update of the Thai Embassy in FranceTo land in Thailand, it is mandatory to submit the application on your phone Thailand Plus By inserting the 6 digits provided with the COE. This is a government monitoring application. So it is good that you have enough phone in your phone to come to Thailand.

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