Daily Gaming news, videos, reviews, tips & guides. Let's share our love of BigN games! seeks out retirees who play Fortnite and watch Netflix, even get paid - seeks out retirees who play Fortnite and watch Netflix, even get paid – Is looking for one Retired Ready to play Fortnite, watch TV series on Netflix and use social networks like TiKTok and Instagram. All of this, moreover, is paid for. The proposed figure is 500 (approximately 580 euros).

The person in question, as already mentioned, must be a real retiree: the purpose of is to understand that the hobbies of young people may also be of interest to the elderly. However, the candidate must be a resident United Kingdom.

Fortnight is one of the recommended sports for retirees

In between Requests There are:

  • TikTok: Watch videos for at least one hour a day, one day a week and create three videos
  • Instagram: Create an account and share pictures of your favorite foods
  • Netflix: Watch episodes of popular series daily (like Bridgeton, Squid Game, U or Sunset sales)
  • Video Games: Play Video Games Daily (Games like Consoles and Fortnite are provided by
  • Vlog: Each of the above tasks should be recorded and the retiree should explain what he thinks about each action.

If you are (or know) a retired UK resident You can apply for this job at this address. You have until January 7, 2022.

James Andrews, a personal finance expert at commented: “The new year may be a time for many of us to try new hobbies or learn new skills, but there seems to be a similar consensus on what retirees can do and do. Can not.”

“In this new project, we want to show that those stereotypes no longer apply and that you are as old as you think. Creating a TikTok account or immersing yourself in the latest video games will give you some inspiration for hobbies. We can not wait to find our CE-OAP to rank up to the worst.

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