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Modular and intensive repair, is this the future of the laptop?

Modular and intensive repair, is this the future of the laptop?

Laptop configuration is coming! We use the opportunity to find out the latest details about this and the first experiments in the American press.

Configuration laptop

Configuration laptop

In May 2021, we are talking to you Configuration laptop. The team behind this project is trying to create what Google cannot do Project Ara. The whole purpose of the structure is to prove against the tendency to be born The success of the MacBook Air, It is possible to create a modular and repairable laptop system without sacrificing high thickness, ergonomics, performance or weight.

This laptop is Avant-Garde, which is part of the basic trend of “right to repair”. A movement that goes beyondRepair indicator, Its calculation is complex and opaque. The EU and many other countries are tricking their brains into forcing manufacturers to provide tools, spare parts and information to all “authorized” or non-authorized repairmen. For large manufacturers, the issue of spare parts is a headache.

The architecture approach is in this trend, which is the opposite of Apple, which focuses on repairing its iPhones and MacBooks in Apple stores and some authorized resellers.

Everything can change, which is serious repair

As you can see In our experiments, Manufacturers usually allow SSD and in very special cases, RAM to be replaced. Both of these components are usually dissolved in the motherboard.

Here is the inside of the laptop

Inside the laptop is here // Source: Linus Technical Notes

With the laptop configuration, these options are taken to the extreme: you can not only expand or replace these components, but it is also possible to replace the motherboard, for example, update the processor generation. So when you convert your laptop to the new generation you can keep its frame and screen.

You can request the AZERTY keyboard

You can request the AZERTY keyboard

You can also change the battery, WiFi and Bluetooth modules. Only a few components, such as speakers and microphones, seem irreplaceable. The keyboard is easily removable, you can even choose the backlink keyboard. The same goes for the trackpad, which is convertible.

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As you can see in the photos, the connectors are actually replaceable expansion cards. There are four places where you can insert the modules you want. Modules to expand SSD storage via USB-C, HDMI, Display Port, USB 4 4 and smaller formats.

All components have a QR code

All components have QR code // Source: Linus Technical Specifications

Each component of the laptop configuration has a scannable QR code that identifies and receives dedicated documents, repair guides or spare parts. Also keep in mind that you will have the choice of color of your laptop and you can even create customized combinations.

A high-end laptop

One would have expected moderate glass, but it is not so. The framework laptop has a 13.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 3: 2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2,256 x 1,504 pixels. Now you have no choice of screen, but it’s a nice screen on paper: 8 bit, 100% SRGP and brightness can exceed 400 nights.

There are no more options with AMD, you have the option between Core i7-1186G7 between Intel Core i5-1135G7. There are three pre-assembled configurations that you can upgrade later. They are all compatible with Windows 10 and are compatible Windows 11. The 55 Wh battery should allow for good autonomy.

The webcam supports video recording at 1080p and 60fps. It has a 1/6 inch Omnivision OV2740 webcam and an f / 2.0 aperture with an 80 angle. It also has a built-in privacy cache.

Many configurations are available, pre-assembled or customized

As described above, the three configurations already assembled sell for 99,999 to 99,999. The most expensive version is the Core i7-1185G7, which comes with 32GB of RAM and 1Tb of SST. You can also choose the DIY version (for Do it yourself) From 49 749. Unfortunately, at this time, the laptop configuration is limited to the US and Canadian markets.

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We recommend the Linus Tech Tips video, which is likely to test one of the first models of the framework laptop. The media, The Verge, also had the opportunity To do a test, They were found to be completely brittle, with chassis cracking as shown by Linus Tech Tips. The US media is disappointed with the possible selection of CPU / GPU configurations. They would have wanted to integrate a DGPU to improve game performance.

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As we can analyze, the advantage of a laptop architecture is not only its ability to grow. Depending on the company’s ability to progress with this chassis, it is guaranteed to find new modules over the years, and what this product really means. At the moment, this is only a good laptop. Only time will tell