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Modena.  Do not download Peck: The fine goes up to 600 euros

Modena. Do not download Peck: The fine goes up to 600 euros

Penalties are increasingly being sent by certified mail, but cases of doubling down on illiteracy are on the rise.

Modena. Someone created it only for professional duties attached to the respective order, someone else to send messages to companies, yet someone “better to have it today”. The truth is, a certified email address costs a lot for Pec, not in terms of the cost of activating it, but because of the penalty. The citizen of Modena is well aware of this, seeing that in recent days he has paid a fine of 9 589 for his home, which is complete with a reminder of a report the driver has not seen.

The order was issued in the official journal on January 16, 2018, after the ministry sent out bans for violating the highway code via certified email. Modena also began using the tool to send local police reports. But how will the municipal administration keep the peg addresses of the citizens? Essentially, the search for a certified email is conducted through the natural person’s tax code, which, despite the confusion, has reduced the chance of using the Ministry Circular Pec issued in June 2020 at the request of the Privacy Guarantee. : For municipalities today, a certified mailing address can only be searched if the driver is a freelancer and if the car company was in use at the time of the crime.

Coming out of the jungle of rules, he saw in recent days a Madanese driver driving his home to pay double fines: without looking at the peck where the offense and related fines were reported, the citizen did not pay the fines within 60. Days, as a result, with reminder, doubling and notice fees, home delivery – this time by paper document – brought the total to 589 euros. Certainly not a separate case: in recent months, as municipalities began to take advantage of the opportunity to send fines via Peck, the fines doubled, reaching fines of thousands of euros. A motorist from Fiorano for not seeing the fine by certified email. In terms of frequency, the fines sent through Peck in 2019 accounted for 39% of the total fines imposed by the municipality of Modena.

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