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miui 12 sfondi ufficiali

MIUI 12: Download Official Xiaomi Wallpapers and Super Wallpaper

After focusing on the new Xiaomi interface, we can go back to talking about updated models, closed beta and camera usage news (what a headache!) MIUI 12, But this time thanks Official wallpapers And new Super wallpaper, Ready to download.

Update 08/01: Two new super wallpapers are available for download. Find everything at the end of the article.

MIUI 12: Official Wallpapers and Super Wallpaper Here | Download Tamil

In addition to the many new features and improvements related to the instantaneous nature of the interface – not to mention smooth animations – Siomi Introduced MIUI 12 Many new official wallpapers. These are nature-reminiscent images, landscapes, geometric shapes, spatial and Martian panoramas: in short, they have (or almost) everything you need to entertain Mi fans. In others you will see some examples of downloading wallpapers, just click the button below. In addition to these films, Xiaomi has introduced two new films Super wallpaper – Seen during the MIUI 12 launch event – Starring Earth and Mars. You will find the download link and installation guide at the end of the article

Added two new super wallpaper | Update 21/12

As we announced in the dedicated article, Xiaomi has added two new super wallpapers on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 12. They are called Snow Mountain and Geometry, and you can download them from the links at the end of the article.

Two more new super wallpaper | Update 08/01

Xiaomi has come up with two new super wallpaper to enrich the smartphones, this time with a European theme. The first is dedicated Navajo Beach, The bay of the island of Zakynthos (in Greece) known for instruction from the wreckage of the ship Panagiotis. The second is that ours is immortal Ptolemy, Especially the summit of Sekeda Mountain in Trentino.

xiaomi miui 12 super wallpaper

Download all super wallpaper

You can install them on your smartphone by downloading This is a ZIP file You can see that all the APK files are grouped in the same folder. If you want to download one or more, here are all the single APK files:

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How To Install Super Wallpapers On Any Android Smartphone

Once you have downloaded your favorite wallpapers, we invite you to access our guide on how to install Super Wallpapers on any Android smartphone.

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