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xiaomi miui 12.5 beta always-on display

MIUI 12.5: Always Download Display Wallpapers | Download Tamil

One of the few topics not discussed during the presentation MIUI 12.5 They are Backgrounds And mode Always on display. In the latest version of the UI, in fact, Xiaomi has wanted to focus on improving and enriching super wallpaper. Very welcome feature (although not many compatible models), but there are users who prefer new styles for AOD. As smartphones with AMOLED displays have become so popular, the need to constantly update and gradually equip yourself with wallpapers has grown over time.

Hype for MIUI 12.5? New wallpapers are coming in always running display mode

Coming on a permanent basis of MIUI 12.5, the display mode is always likely to remain the same compared to the current MIUI 12. But that does not mean they will not be included New wallpapers Celebrate the new Xiaomi update.

xiaomi miui 12.5 Beta Always on display

Thanks for the project MIUI 12.5 Beta, For a more precise version 21.1.18, Expanded new wallpapers for the ever-running display screen. As usual, this is technically new to testers only, but you can actually install it already on your smartphone. Predictably, it only works Smartphone Xiaomi, As long as it has a screen AMOLED: Otherwise, you can install it, but do not use it.

Scarica Always Running Display v2.9.667

Curious about all the latest news from MIUI 12.5? You may not know it, but you can join the MIUI 12.5 beta program. Alternatively, you can count on ROMs, the port of beta in European sauce.

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