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Milan pays tribute to champion Ibrahimovic, downloading another

Milan pays tribute to champion Ibrahimovic, downloading another

Today The Milan The subtle is called for a great experiment Atlanta Field. After being mocked in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid, the Devil seeks redemption in the League.

As is known, will not be Sladen Ibrahimovic, The Achilles tendon is still struggling with ascites. This is still a special day for Sweden, given that Turns 40 years old.

Milan, through its official Twitter channel, congratulated the Swedish champion: “We had the privilege of creating the world this year as well. A complete tour around Ibra: Happy Birthday, Slaton! ”, Registration of the Rosonery Club.

Many champions thought to congratulate Claude Slaton. Even in these Usain Bolt, With a beautiful video dedicated to his friend and the Milan champion.

In addition to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Claude Sladon, AC Milan is seriously considering “Get rid” of Frank Casey. Despite the words of Stefano Pioli, Ivorian’s position was increasingly complicated.

The update of the midfielder is at sea. Parts seem to be far away. The Roseonery Club will consider selling Frank Kessick in January to avoid losing him in a free transfer at the end of the current season.

Many leading clubs are ready to come forward. In the polar position PSG will be Who had been in the path of the Rosoneri midfielder for some time. Juventus too We want to try but the negotiation seems upwards.

Omnisport | 03-10-2021 08:55

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