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Microsoft's "Video Game Netflix" is coming to tablets and TVs soon

Microsoft’s “Video Game Netflix” is coming to tablets and TVs soon

Microsoft’s video game has a hand Xbox This was announced on June 10th Upcoming release of a demodulated gaming service, as provided Google’s Stadia system. Subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, which pays a monthly subscription to access a list of 100 games for free for download, can play from a web browser in the future without downloading similar games. Even on the TV screen via a special adapter.

Microsoft did not provide an exact release date for this new service, which will initially be available in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan before being expanded to other countries, but it is scheduled for this year. The company says it is in talks with manufacturers of connected TVs and will be able to offer its service directly on these screens – only one controller is needed to play. The trial version of the service is already available on smartphones from September.

Broadband access

For consumers, digital gaming services do not require the purchase of powerful and expensive consoles or PCs, and have the advantage of providing instant access to extensive gaming lists. However, they require an internet connection. Stable and fast, they make them impractical in areas without broadband access, and have been criticized For their energy consumption. Stadia, Google’s comparable system, has a mixed startup, with a somewhat reduced list of games, plus each game must be purchased separately – with the Xbox offering already built into it, an extensive list already provided on the Microsoft service, and fully accessible with a simple subscription.

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During the presentation of the new service, Xbox also mentioned possible changes in prices and offers in some countries. “This allows more players around the world to enjoy more in-depth and fun games regardless of their device, location and financial status.”, A Microsoft.