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It was a tough project in 2014 for the Hidegiq Cameo, but possible today -

It was a tough project in 2014 for the Hidegiq Cameo, but possible today –

Measured In recent days, at least as a matter of debate, it has re-emerged Hidegi Kamiya The project publicly apologized to Microsoft and users for the sinking, which was supposed to be the Xbox One exclusive game, but was canceled after several years of development. Not forgotten.

So, lately, it’s clear that Scalebound is back in Hidegi’s thoughts, and he’s constantly thinking about it, as it has always been. In light of the recent words of the game director of Platinum Games, after a public apology for the cancellation of Scalebound and the developer admitting a rare offense, User Developer One responded to Gamia on Twitter and invited him to respond.

The news is in Japanese, so it’s subject to misinterpretation, but more or less says “Scalebound is a great concept. It was not possible in 2014, but It is possible now“However, focusing on NieR was a great choice at the time, and” multi-dimensional games would be exciting with a mix of streaming and more, or adding something like that.

Cameo didn’t say much about it, but said “that’s right”. Confirms Basically the user’s view on Twitter. It’s very rare to start a discussion, but it is clear that the designer considers the scalpel to be the best idea for a game, which could not have been fully realized in 2014. Taken and implemented Now, thanks to new technologies.

This does not mean that Scalebound will be back on track, but it is clear that Cameia is still thinking about its canceled plan with Microsoft.

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