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The 11-minute video confirms its instant launch

Microsoft has released a weird video on YouTube. From Windows 95 to Windows 7 all the jingles of Windows have dropped by 4000 times. If the result is confusing to say the least, it is related to the duration of the video above all else.

Good Microsoft Organizes a major event June 24 Around Windows, the actual content is not yet known. Now for a fortnight, a Windows 11 Well done, but the technology company does not confirm or refute that assumption.

Nevertheless, a new clue supports this thesis: Windows 11 should actually be announced by Microsoft Within two weeks. The author of Redmond has released a video in the Windows release that takes all the jingles we hear and cuts 4000 times. We & # 39; ll leave you alone to decide the outcome (which is very circular), to focus on the duration of the queue here: This video is exactly 11 minutes long.

Microsoft releases 11-minute video as Windows 11 approaches

Is the 11-minute video a sign that Microsoft is about to launch Windows 11? This is not the first clue that Microsoft will name its next operating system. Windows 11 has already been teased with an animation. In which, The reflection of the new Windows logo reveals the number 11. This figure is also visible in the image that comes with this article. Another clue is about the timing of the Microsoft June 24 conference. It will take place at 11 p.m., An extraordinary table of Microsoft.

While Microsoft claims that it will not always be next to Windows 10, it is unlikely that the company will finally change its mind. For now, it is not yet clear what the OS ‘path map will look like. What are the innovations? So far, only one screen shot has been leaked New Windows Settings application. The rest of the question is about the future of Windows 10 21H2 version of OS Will the new features of this framework be integrated with Windows 11 by the end of the year, as planned, and thus stop any major Windows 10 update? Patience, these questions will be answered on June 24th, whatever.

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