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Microsoft Teams: The whiteboard function receives a product

Teams Microsoft has announced the arrival of a number of new features in the use of whiteboard, which are primarily aimed at improving the experience for students and teachers participating in distance learning courses. But face to face.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool developed by Microsoft for business teams that allows easy communication. It will be integrated with Microsoft 365, which will allow it to work closely with existing programs.

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The company has announced 35 new features for Microsoft teams from May to August Multiple feature updates for the whiteboard in the Whiteboard app on the web, Windows, iOS, Android versions and groups.

In August, the Whiteboard application in Microsoft’s Whiteboard Web Client and Groups allowed users to add color and texture to content on the Whiteboard from images, other documents, patterns, and stickers.

Use the laser pointer

As Invented by Windows Central, Ian Mikudel, Microsoft Whiteboard Product Manager for Teams and Surfaces, recently revealed that Whiteboard has received 15 new ink colors, six thickness textures, a new highlight tool with 15 colors and 10 new post colors.

This month, they will also be able to use the laser pointer to indicate where to turn their attention. Teachers will also have the option to lock students ’vision so they can see what the teacher is doing.

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To support group projects, Microsoft makes it easy to upload digital worksheets and create new worksheets.

Link to Microsoft Forms

New tools for customizing student learning on iOS and Android will be available over the summer, with a reading enhancement feature, a center-running teams “Vocational Coach” app and a high-speed reader for teams use. On iOS and Android. A new math application for academic groups is also available.

For students accessing lessons through teams in the browser, Microsoft enables its large gallery, which can display up to 49 people on screen, and AI-enabled Together mode, which keeps participants in a single virtual room. These features, with blurred and custom backgrounds and live reactions, will be available in groups for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge by the end of August.

Multiple exam quizzes, Microsoft forms at channel meetings, support for polls and other features created over the summer aimed at increasing classroom participation such as the digital white board at team meetings.

Subtitles as needed

Teams have more restrictions on improving student security at meetings, including monitored chat to allow students to start chatting, groups to delete chat and the ability to turn off video for one another. For student or the entire class. Improvements have been made to disable and disable students.

Automatic transcription and captioning of video recordings is an easy feature, available in August. Educators can upload titles or verses to videos stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. Closed captions are available for registered meetings. Transcriptions are generated automatically.

wb-run-subjects-smooth-laser-pointer.  gif

Image: Microsoft.