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How to Download 30GB on PlayStation and Xbox •

How to Download 30GB on PlayStation and Xbox •

There is also a link for a day.

  • Resident Evil Village preload is available
  • The download is about 30 GB

Resident Evil fans soon did just that. Pre-orders can now begin downloading Resident Evil Village Preload on PlayStation and Xbox. We’ll tell you how much storage you need to plan and how quickly you can run this spring horror event.

The file sizes of the front mount vary by a few gigabytes depending on the console. The following numbers are circled to the nearest whole value (thank you, MP1ST):

  • PS4: 29GB
  • PS5: 27GB
  • Xbox One: 27GB
  • Xbox Series X / S: 30GB

As is almost common these days, one day there is a connection. If you have the physics version of the eighth recipe in your hands you can now download version 1.01. When you download the digital version, you will receive the latest version, including the patch.

Do you have a Digital Resident Evil Village? PlayStationIn the pre-ordered store, you need to go to your game library to download almost 30GB preload.

On top of that Xbox You can also download Resident Evil Village in advance if you do not order the title in advance. With the Xbox Game app you can search for the eighth part of the recipe series and download the game there regardless of your pre-order status. If you decide to give a chance to the scary game, you no longer have to download the whole game.

Well, when can you put your names in the named village without any time restrictions? Here in Germany you can begin your full-time expedition to the Village of Resident Evil on Friday at 2:00 am

Better to play a horror title at midnight! To the delight of less horrible fans, Capcom has promised to be the title this time around Less fear than its predecessors Is.