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Sony wants to fix battery issue quickly, reports -

New model with a new 6nm CPU in 2022 for a report –

We know that, PS5 It sells well, but at the same time it sells for less than it could, all because of the low number of units it can produce. How to solve? According to a new report, the PlayStation will receive one New model in 2022 With something new 6nm CPU from AMD: This will allow you to resolve the issue of stocks.

The report comes from a Taiwanese site Digits (Fee release), then Dr. Sergan Toto announced on Twitter. Toto claims that the newspaper republished the correct information in advance. The new PS5 model is expected to begin production and distribution between the second and third quarters of 2022. This new PS5 will feature the “new semi-custom 6Nm CPU manufactured by AMD”. A 5nm model, it has been explained that it will be more expensive.

As mentioned, we are talking about a reliable source, but as always we are talking about one Report, Not official statements. They are perfect but not recent, and will change plans for the Sony PS5 in the next few months.

Recently, however, CFO Hiroki Totoki has been evaluating several options to increase the availability of the Sony console. Redesign Of the console. The Digital Times report is also credible.

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