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Microsoft returns cult icon "Carl Glamor" as an emoji

Microsoft returns cult icon “Carl Glamor” as an emoji

For some it was a beautiful application, for others an annoying application: the office paper clip “Clip” or “Carl Glamor”, returns to the screens – with a new task.

It could be the comeback of the year: the clip, called “Karl Glamor” in Germany, should be on the program again “Microsoft OfficeThe clip is an animated paper clip that allows users to act Microsoft The office should help.

The application was introduced in 1997 and initially caused problems for many users. Because: You can not turn it off, and its advice is often not considered useful. Accordingly in office applications of operating systems Windows In 2003, the little helper could no longer be found.

New emojis will arrive by the end of this year

Now the cult figure is returning with a new mission. Microsoft announced this in a blog post. So the software company announced, about 1,800 Emojis Switch from 2D to 3D. Instead of the current paper clip emoji, the clip will be one of them.

“Of course we could use less paper clips today than we did at the height of the clip, but we couldn’t resist the primitive nostalgia,” the post says.

It won’t be long before that happens: teams and Windows will have to get new images by the end of the year, and the clip will return to its back screens. Other projects like Outlook Only in the course of next year.

Last week on Wednesday on World Emoji Day there was a blog post by Microsoft with a tweet. “If this tweet gets 20,000 likes, we will bring the clip as an emoji to the new Microsoft company,” the company wrote Friday.

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This tweet now has over 170,000 likes – and Carl Glamor has a new job.