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Was the Sega game sequel from the PlayStation Store revealed in advance?  -

Was the Sega game sequel from the PlayStation Store revealed in advance? –

Lost judgment It seems that Continuation of judgment, Seka’s Action Game of the Team Responsible for Yakuza: The Title Appeared In anticipation of the official presentation scheduled for tomorrow, it accidentally leaked Japanese PlayStation Store.

All that came out, for now, is a screen shot shown in a Tweet Come Reset, However was immediate Deleted, Taken by a user who found himself with a picture of the game placed surprisingly in the news on the PlayStation Store. Apparently, Sega is the title Leaked After a few hours of scheduled presentation you can somehow progress online. As you can see in this Wario 64 tweet, the screen shot was taken from other sources and republished.

In fact, a countdown to the Sega website has been around for a long time, aiming for tomorrow May 7, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. Italian. In recent days we have also seen various traces of what is said to be Judgment 2, i.e. a short teaser trailer waiting for official release and short sports videos in preparation for the announcement.

Judgment PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia have arrived, and its sequel is yet to come

Often happens Countdown, The surprise may have disappeared a few hours after the countdown ended, in this case not directly from a print magazine, but directly from the PlayStation Store.

However, the trials have been canceled and the remainder will have to wait for the official presentation scheduled for tomorrow: At this point, what we do know is that the title should be a lost verdict, at least in Japan, so there should be a continuation of the verdict, the game Action investigation Built on the engine and general configuration of the Yakuza series by the same team, most recently the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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