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Microsoft Recommended Xbox Series X |  Update for S - Nert 4. Life

Microsoft Recommended Xbox Series X | Update for S – Nert 4. Life

Next Gen has been proposing various new generation games in recent months, but has been able to “give” users advanced versions of older games. Now, Microsoft may have suggested the arrival of a new one Xbox Series X | Upgrade Technico to S Dedicated Batman Arkham Knight, The third installment of the saga created by Rocksteady.

Precisely, Microsoft recently released a post that talks about a new feature that allows you to see which languages ​​support our language and which games do not. There is something inside the article Screenshot of the Xbox Series X Dashboard (you can see below) With some games on display. As you can see, one of these is Batman Agam Knight, which is the Xbox Game Pass logo and Xbox Series X | The logo dedicated to the next gen upgrade of the S shows both.

Batman Agam Night is actually available on Game Boss, but has no next-gen features. So there are no bugs of this type in other games Microsoft seems to have suggested that there is a link in the path to the Rockstead game: The question is whether he did it voluntarily or it was an unplanned opportunity.

Of course, we can not rule out the possibility that this is something strange, in fact the Xbox Series X | To know, probably, We have to wait for the official announcement from the developers or Microsoft.

We also point out that Gotham Knights, the author of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the Scraddrans, has joined the team: How will the plot unfold?

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Batman Arkham Night: Xbox Series X | Improve S attendance?