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A meteorite causes an explosion equivalent to 200 tons of TNT

A meteorite causes an explosion equivalent to 200 tons of TNT

An impressive Meteor On March 7 the size of a bowling alley almost collided in Vermont in the Northeastern United States. Material, probably a pieceAsteroid, Fortunately was able to penetrate under the aircraft Pressure Is created by its entryAtmosphere, Relationship Law NASA meteor monitoring On his Facebook site. The explosion was so powerful that it caused a “mini” Earthquake ” That Sensors The seismic infrared could be measured. The NASA Was able to determine the power of l’explosion Is equivalent to 200 tons of TNT, ten times more than thatAccident Of AZF in Toulouse in 2001.

When the meteorite enters the atmosphere at a speed of 19 km / s (55 times The speed of sound), The pressure that built up on her forehead as a partial vacuum formed behind her, Describes the NASA news release. At an altitude of about 50 km, the pressure difference between the front and rear Resistance The structure of the rock then violently disintegrated “. According to his calculations, the meteorite was originally 15 cm in diameter and weighed 4.5 Kg.

Several witnesses said they saw it Meteor explosion 5:40 p.m. ” I heard a big boom followed by an idiot that lasted about 15-20 seconds », Says one of them. Some believed it was a plane crash or notDecline Of a building.

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