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Microsoft now distributes PC Health Check Processor as KB5005463 with Windows Update

Microsoft now distributes PC Health Check Processor as KB5005463 with Windows Update

Microsoft now distributes PC Health Check processor KP5005463 as an update to the 2004 version with Windows 10 version 21H1, version 20H2 and Windows Update. Previously, the PC Health Check processor had to be downloaded manually. You can use the PC Health Check utility on devices with Windows 10 to see if your current PC meets the requirements for Windows 11. So let’s see if you can upgrade your Windows 10 devices to Windows 11 for free with the free PC Health Check App. The tool checks system requirements for Windows 11 and provides diagnostic functions to monitor device health and detect compatibility issues. More information about KB5005463 can be found below or here Microsoft.

Download -> Download Windows PC Health Check App from Microsoft

You can download PC Health Check Processor for Windows 10 directly here:

Download -> Download Windows 11 Update from Microsoft

You can download the Windows 11 update directly from Microsoft here:

The KB5005463 update includes the following improvements and fixes:

This update installs the PC HealthCheck application on Windows 10, version 2004 and later. However, we will not install PC Health Check on Windows 11 devices. Includes diagnostics and performance-enhancing adjustments to monitor the health of the PC Health Check device, all from the same dashboard feature. Key features include:

  • Windows 11 Qualification: Provides a comprehensive eligibility verification based on the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.
  • Backup and Sync: Sign in or create a Microsoft account to sync device options across devices and set up Microsoft OnDrive to protect your files.
  • Windows Update: Keep your device safe by always running the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Battery Capacity: View original battery capacity for devices that use single or multiple batteries.
  • Storage Capacity: View the storage application for the main drive that contains the files, applications, and Windows.
  • Start time: Manage start plans to improve start time.
  • Tips for PC Health: Provides additional tips to improve overall PC health and performance.
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Important: By default, when you open the PC Health Check application, it will be installed automatically when important application updates are available. PC Health Check users cannot disable automatic updates. Go to Apps> Apps & Features> App list> Windows PC Health Check> Uninstall and delete PC Health Check.

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Additional information about KB5005463 for Windows 10 is available from Microsoft.

Via Microsoft