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Xbox Game Boss and Steam Drop Empire will be 4 years old, will be a beta -

Microsoft – New game from Tencent with

Period of empires Has to get something new Mobile Chapter Timi Studios, a group within a Chinese company Tencent, Apparently in partnership with Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios and World Edge.

Questionable topic Back to the Empire As Daniel Ahmed has announced, it does not appear to be making accurate use of its association with the Age of Empires, which is currently a type of spin-off specifically planned for China.

Cooperation between Microsoft and Tencent has been handed over in recent days Timmy Studios, Call of Duty Mobile and one of the many internal groups of the Pokemon unit’s Asian great writer. Apparently, the subject in question is the return to this empire.

Not much news about it but it still needs to be together Strategic, According to the classic dynamics of mobile games, although probably denied with a distribution that can be played for free.

There is also no information about the final arrival of the game West, It can be updated by adapting the title, and better integrate it with the famous Microsoft series. On the other hand, the mobile adaptation of the Age of Empires is what is needed to work well everywhere.

Meanwhile, Age of Empires 4 Insider goes through its closed beta for users, while Age of Empires 2 Limited Edition recently received the new dawn of Dukes DLC.

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