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Microsoft is bringing new Windows 11 components to the Edge Canary development

Microsoft is bringing new Windows 11 components to the Edge Canary development

Microsoft now launches the first perfect changes to the earlier version of the Edge web browser Windows 11-Design. In the Canary Edition, Edge now offers a new flag to enable visual updates for Windows 11.

Microsoft has begun testing a visual all-round update of Windows to its Edge browser – of course, both should appear fresh from the same source in the fall. In one of the most recent updates Microsoft Edge Canary-Coal already has a test ID that enables users to implement changes marked “Windows 11 Visual Updates” on their computer. According to Vinero Flag presents users with some changes that are already in progress towards a design update.

Visual update to Edge has also begun

The first changes to be introduced with this visual update include rounded corners, new font, changed size for menu items and new design for color and hover effect. Since then, Microsoft has adapted the context menus in Edge to the design of Windows 11 in order to work better with Windows 11.

The description of the test flag states that it “executes the appropriate display for your currently installed version of Windows”. These changes can be implemented from Edge Canary Built 93.0.945.0 or newer. However, it should be noted that these changes are still in effect and will be available in future improvements.

As a fringe, you can see the new flag for UI design via “Margin: // Flags”. To do this, launch Edge, go to Flags via Margins: // Flags and look for the “Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates” flag on the page. Activate there and restart the browser.

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After restarting the browser, the new design elements are visible. The Edge must go through various insider channels before this new design update is generally available on the standard channel – it will be a long time. ‘S latest Canary version You can get Edge through the Insider program; We also have the current standard Edge version Winfuture download area Available at the end of this post.

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