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Microsoft Introduces New Surface Collection

Microsoft Introduces New Surface Collection

Microsoft returns in the spring with a series of new hardware: PC laptops, headsets, webcams and speakers, some of which support team use.

Laptop Surface Laptop 4, PCs are developed in standard format with 13.5 “and 15” screens (no contortionist screens). They are equipped with 11th generation Intel processors (with Xe graphics chip) and Raison 4000 (instead of the latest generation 5000 series) from AMD.

Microsoft Surface talks about 70% efficiency on laptop 3. The promised autonomy for AMD versions reaches 17:30 at 15 and 19 at 13.5. With the Intel versions we will be with 15 “until 4.30pm and 13” at 5pm.

Colors and results vary, but not associated with the USB-C port, USB-A port, jack and thin surface connection for charging (equivalent to the old Apple Macsof).

Prices start at 13.5 for 12 1,129 and 15 for 44 1,449. AMD models should be a Priori cheaper (reported difference is $ 300 in the US). RAM and storage capacity will start at 8GB and 256GB and will go up to 32GB and 1TB respectively.These laptops will arrive in France on April 27th.

Other products reported are a variety of accessories that can be used especially with groups. There are several headsets, among them, review of the larger model with active noise reduction: Surface headphones for business 2+. It has a button dedicated to collaborative use and is sold with a USB dongle in which the LED indicates if the microphone is open. Listening to music in its autonomous groups from 3pm to 6.30pm.

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Finally, Microsoft Adds to its panoply A 1080p “modern webcam” ($ 70) but with a USB-A plug and a “modern USB-C speaker” ($ 100), equipped with microphones for group meetings or playing music.

Modern USB-C speaker, in the center