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Android 12

All the features of Android 12 running Google

Android 12 Is the new major release of the mobile operating system Google Provided in the form Developer Preview For two months now. Net of features we found and described Primary Developer Preview And inside Second Developer Preview, It is clear that the Google development team is working on a number of aspects that have not yet been revealed.

During these hours, thanks to the version of Android 12 have not yet been released and sent anonymously to colleagues XDA, We have the opportunity to discover some features that Google is working on, and we will be able to find out in the months leading up to the official launch of Android 12.

We have divided the article into several chapters, which are easily accessible through the code below, allowing you to move from one feature to another with a simple click or tap. Are you ready?

Functional changes of Android 12

Improvements for extended screen shots

Extended screen shots are a feature added by many OEM The Android and Google development team is working to implement it directly on Android 12. Although the functionality is not yet in final form, you can see more important improvements over the previous Android 12 Developer Preview from the video below.

Notice that there is an interesting “magnifying glass” function designed to give the user a clear and accurate view of the area of ​​the screen shot that needs to be sculpted with the appropriate button.

Android 12’s split screen app continues to work

What’s the point of creating smartphones with 6-inch or more displays if you can’t use multiple apps at once? A lot OEM Enable the ability to exploit split-screen functionality to connect two applications that need to be used simultaneously, and Application pairs Android 12 moves in the same situation.

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As you can see from the video, this version of the Android 12 Developer Preview shows some changes and capabilities in application pairs Change the arrangement of applications on the screen Simple double tap on the middle bar.

Call Google Assistant via the Power Key

There are many ways to implement Google Assistant On Android: by your own voice, by the “Hey, Google” command or by physical contact with your smartphone. The Google Development Team seems to be working on another way to enable the best digital assistant on mobile devices: via Power button.

Android 12 beta leak functionality

Pressing and holding the button for more than two seconds, as shown in the image above, will allow the user to activate Google Assistant.

Search menu in widget collector

One of the most preferred features by Android users is definitely the presence of widgets. We know that Google is working to improve the functionality of widgets in Android 12, in this case the final version of the OS Search menu in widget collector.

This way, if you have multiple apps installed on your smartphone, it will be easier to find the relevant widgets by searching for them instead of scrolling through them one by one.

New emoji

Android 12 includes version 13.1 of the emoji, which can be found in the version of the developer preview shared with XDA.

Android 12 beta leak functionality

Short message for WiFi panel

Android 12 will also show some minor changes to the terms used to refer to the various panels accessible from public settings. WiFi Menu “Website“. Entry”Extended compatibility“It allows other devices nearby to see the hotspot.

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Smart home and cards in quick settings

Android 12 will enable access to the panel for managing smart home devices and cards directly from the Quick Settings menu, enabled by a simple tray using special trays.

Android 12 beta leak functionality

New UIs and interfaces on Android 12

New UI for block balance

The Android 12 design panel works on the new slider for module management, as can be seen from the images below. The panel has the most important UI, with rounded corners.

Splash screen when launching each application

Introducing each app on Android 12 will be brief ”Screen“, A function was detected programmatically, but has not yet been shown live.

Animations in the menu scroll

Android 12 scrolling through menus and creating interactions with elements that are most satisfactorily displayed through new animations.

New start animation of the application drawer

One of the many small graphic innovations within Android 12 is about opening the app drawer. The video shows a nice “jelly effect” when you open the application list.

New reload animation

When the smartphone is connected to the current with Android 12, a new charging effect is created again, starting from the bottom and flowing upwards.

New display lights

The slider is not the only component of the Android 12 UI to adapt to a more transparent design. The lighting management bar is also easy to use as it is thick.

“Decrease brightness” changes “extra blur”

The “dimmer” item in Android 12’s access panel has been renamed to “extra blur”. This feature adds a darker area at the top of the screen, which is darker than the panel allows.

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Android 12 beta leak functionality

Privacy message on Android 12

Access to the clipboard

One of the innovations on the enabled privacy page Android 10 It then locks to the clipboard in the background, a function that does not allow applications to access the clipboard even when it is not displayed on the screen. In Android 12, the team working on privacy processes is testing the transition “Shows access to the clipboardIn the Settings> Privacy panel.

When active, the system will display an alert indicating access to the clipboard by each application installed on the smartphone.


The creation of Android 12 offers an interesting innovation at the level of the announcement management team. Transitions “Real-time“,“Conversations“,“Default“e”QuietIn the application notification management menu. It is not yet clear what these transitions work on, but it is hoped that this will allow notifications to be handled more granularly.

Localization permissions

A new permissions panel on location management has been introduced on Android 12. To clarify what kind of localization an application requires, the Google team added two new images that highlight the difference. “Precise location“e”Approximate location“.

Android 12 beta leak functionality

These are the most important messages found in the making of Android 12, which was sent anonymously to XDA colleagues. Other minor changes are notedArticle, We firmly believe that in the next developer preview we will deal with some of the features found in this article.