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Here are 4 Nintendo Switch Metrodvania games to cure your boredom

Here are 4 Nintendo Switch Metrodvania games to cure your boredom


  • The epidemic has forced many people everywhere to stay at home
  • This means Nintendo Switch players have more time to play their games
  • Some interesting adventure titles for Switch are “Dead Cells” and “Hollow Night”

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, one way people can enjoy the time they spend in their homes is by playing some cool video games designed to bring a few hours of fun – and this is especially true for Nintendo Switch owners.

Here is a list of some great action-adventure titles for Switch. These games are in the “Metroidvenia” genre, with side-scrolling gameplay, interesting storylines and incredible playability. These are by no means ranked by popularity.

“Hello Night”

Developed by Team Cherry and released for Switch in 2018, “Hollow Night” follows the adventures of a small bug warrior as it travels through the world of insects. The game has a cartoon art style, but the game is not for toddlers – it is challenging, players need to carefully plan their moves to defeat enemies and complete the game.

Available via “Hollow Night” Nintendo Ishop.

“Santa: Half-Genie Hero”

“Santa: Half-Genie Hero” is not the first in the series, but it’s one of the simplest titles, a good choice for those new to the platform. Developed and published by Weforward, the game allows players to enjoy the stunts of a half-genie named Santa as she tries her best to defeat the pirate Archimedes, Risky Boots.

Gamers can get “Santa: Half-Genie Hero” Nintendo Ishop.

“Blaster Master Zero”

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Those who love the classic “Blaster Master” in NES days will love “Blaster Master Zero” for the switch. It has the same 8-bit graphic design and feel of the original game. It also features the same character (Jason), the same iconic vehicle (Sofia III) and the same pet (Fred).

It is obtained through Nintendo Ishop.

“Dead cells”

“Dead Cells” is a kind of title that combines the secrets of side-scrolling adventure games with the milk and rogue. The world of the game is constantly changing, which means that each run is different than the others. Since there are no checkpoints, players must start from scratch every time they lose a life.

It is obtained through Nintendo Ishop.

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