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The creator of Kingdom Hearts teases something special for Nintendo fans

The creator of Kingdom Hearts teases something special for Nintendo fans

Kingdom Hearts mastermind Tetsuya Nomura recently teased something exclusive to Nintendo fans, despite reports that KH games do not appear on the switch.

Kingdom Hearts Creator Tetsuya Nomura recently discussed her plans for her iconic Disney / futureFinal Fantasy Crossover RPG franchise, including a secret hint at the upcoming Nintendo-related Reveal. It comes as the latest installment in the series, Rhythm-Based Spin-Off Kingdom Hearts: The Melody of Memory, Has reached its November release date on current consoles.

For almost 20 years, Kingdom Hearts Kid hero Sora, who has partnered with iconic Disney characters such as Goofy and Donald Duck in a quest to defeat the forces of darkness and bring peace to many of Disney’s worlds, has surprised fans with a distant (and often very confusing) story. Canon. Mainly at home on PlayStation consoles (as original) Kingdom Hearts First released on PS2 in 2002), the series has always had a strong presence on Nintendo systems, thanks to handheld spin-offs Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GameBoy Advance and Kingdom Hearts: Dream drop distance In 3DS. Previous reports have suggested that there will not be much in the Nintendo Switch Kingdom Hearts The titles indicate that the franchise’s chief architect has left Nintendo fans Absolutely In the coming months in the cold.

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According to Go to Nintendo, Tetsuya Nomura recently sat down for a Japanese interview Nintendo Magazine, this time he hinted at something mysterious Kingdom HeartsAssociated with the horizon. Stated that he was not there after the interviewer agreed Kingdom Hearts Helmeted by Nomura on the Nintendo console, the developer said he and his studio hope to have a project landing on Nintendo in the near future. So far, there is no context for Nomura’s announcement, but his interview will be published in full in November.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Donald Goofy

Naturally, some fans have already started ulating what Nomura is talking about, the most popular theory being that Sora will finally appear on the frequently requested show Super Smash Brothers Ultimate As a guest DLC fighter. In the meantime, Kingdom Hearts Fans have no shortage of new content this year. In addition to the above Melody of Memory, 2020 Released Kingdom Hearts III: Re-Mind DLC, which adds to the game’s traditionally nigu end ending and mobile phone-based extra context Kingdom Hearts: The Dark Road, Which sheds some light on the roots of the long-time villain master Jehanort.

Tetsuya Nomura is notorious for keeping fans in his writings and on social media, so his hints about the upcoming Nintendo-related Kingdom Hearts Content can mean anything. However, this is definitely an exciting time to be a fan of Square Enix’s Seminal RPG franchiseTh The anniversary is coming in 2022. Before that, it seems Kingdom Hearts Enthusiasts will have something to look forward to when more information on the series future Nintendo plans inevitably comes forward.

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Source: Go to Nintendo

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