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Microsoft Edge: Version 91 comes with advanced reading mode

Microsoft Edge: Version 91 comes with advanced reading mode

Microsoft is constantly testing innovations on internal channels before migrating to the final browser version.

D.In the Edge browser his version carousel keeps spinning in the usual rhythm. At the beginning of March 2021, the standard version 89 appeared to all users, and now version numbers are mounted on the preview channels. The first 90s version is now available on the beta channel, and it should go to the standard channel by mid-April 2021. There is a tab for version 91 on the Dev channel, which Microsoft announced at the end of May 2021.

Edge 91 Im Dev-Kanal

With version 91.0.825.0, Dev received the first version of Channel 91. According to Website With the support of an integrated table of contents, Wikipedia now offers the ability to read pages in plastic reading mode (high-speed reader). Microsoft continues to distribute to users gradually, which may take a few more days until yours appears. Password creation on the other hand, on the other hand, can now be used by all testers. On top of that, Redmond (Washington State) has improved the reading functionality: it recognizes and avoids certain parts of the website that are no longer part of the content, so it would be redundant. In addition to the added features, there are a number of issues that have been fixed. Microsoft lists, for example, fixed bugs that caused crashes when searching through the context menu or when using the browser task manager. See the full list of changes Microsoft Tech Community.

Edge Previews: How to Get There

If you want to use the new features immediately, download the corresponding preview version of Edge Edge Insider Program Under. All trial versions of the browser can be installed and updated with the final version.

Microsoft Edge: CanalaPersic

Microsoft offers new Edge versions for download on various channels: On the Canary Channel, developers provide an update every day. Problems often arise here due to the density of publications. So it is better to use another version from another channel at the same time. A new version is waiting for you every week on the Dev Channel. The beta channel receives a regular update every six weeks. Microsoft tests its versions here before they end up on the standard channel, so they are available to “normal users”.

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